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Sizing - Dream Bags are available in the following sizes.

Size Information

Baby sleeping bags from The Dream Bag are available in the following sizes.

0 to 6 months, from approximately 10lbs / 4.5 kilograms
6 to 18 months, from approximately 14lbs / 6 kilograms
18 to 36 months, from approximately 20lbs / 9 kilograms
3 to 6 years, from approximately 24lbs / 11 kilograms

All baby sleeping bags up to 36 months, have tabs underneath each arm, which will prevent your little one undoing The Dream Bag. Each baby sleeping bag also has two poppers on each shoulder and a zip that extends from around the bottom of the bag, up the one side to under the arm.

Our 3-6 year size sleeping bags have a front zip. All of our baby sleeping bags have zipper tabs.

Baby Sleeping Bag Length

Our 0-6 months Dream Bag is 70 centimetres in length.
Our 6-18 months Dream Bag is 90 centimetres in length.
Our 18-36 months Dream Bag is 110 centimetres in length.
Our 3-6 years Dream Bag is 130 centimetres in length.


The Dream Bag Range
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