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The Dream Bag Baby Sleeping Bags – a 'must have' nursery item for new parents in the new era


Baby Sleeping Bags - a New Baby Bedding Concept

Used safely in Europe for over 25 years, baby sleeping bags are the favorite ways of covering babies in Europe, and have become a necessity for all European mothers. They are worn over pajamas and once zipped, it cannot slip over baby’s head or slip off the body. Now, the popularity has quickly spread across the world especially in US and UK as people become aware of the benefits of these bags. It is widely recognized that these sleeping bags are safer than blanket, and a more comfortable alternative to traditional loose baby bedding.

SIDS associations recommend the use of sleeping bags instead of blankets

Regular baby blankets in the crib can be dangerous! A child can easily entangled in a blanket and suffocate. The Dream Bag baby sleeping bag act as a “wearable blanket” to replace the need for loose blankets, and map help to lower the risks associated with SIDS by preventing overheating, and reducing the risk of your baby being caught under their blankets. With the well design of The Dream Bag, it ensures your baby is comfortable and warm all night long, so that baby sleep better and so will you too! 

Baby sleeps safe and sound in The Dream Bag, Great peace of mind for Parents

Baby Wonderland Limited is proud to be the exclusive distributor of The Dream Bag in Hong Kong & China. We are very excited to be able to offer such high quality baby sleeping bags to you at an incredible price, which also provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for babies, and a great peace of mind for parents. We hope that The Dream Bag will be your baby’s best sleeping buddy, and hope it will also provide many quality nights for both of you for the years to come.

The Dream Bag - The Best Baby Gift!

Let us help you to save your time, money, and all the headaches from choosing the best baby gift for your loved one!

The Dream Bag is the perfect gift for baby showers, newborns, new parents, birthdays, and all special occasions. It will wow everyone!!

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